pdf pattern troubleshooting and F.A.Q.

The questions and answers below address the most-asked questions about my pdf pattern shop. If you do not find an answer to your question, please email orders@ohfransson.com. I make every effort to respond to emails within 24 hours. I appreciate your understanding that we may not be in the same time zone, and that it does sometimes take a little longer to respond!

This page includes information about using Apple Books to save files on an iPad or other Apple device.

Are your patterns available in print?

Yes! Almost all of my quilt patterns are available as full-color printed booklets and I encourage anyone who doesn’t plan to use the digital pattern on an electronic device to purchase an already printed pattern. The printed booklet patterns are not sold in my shop (so as not to compete with all of the wonderful independent shops that are my wholesale customers!) but you can find them in the shops listed on my stockists page or by doing a quick web search for the name of the pattern you’d like to purchase. My patterns are always full color, and most are 20+ pages, so the costs of printing a pdf and shipping a printed pattern are often similar.

I’ve never ordered a pdf pattern before. How does it work?

It’s a lot like buying anything else online but, instead of receiving a box in the mail, you’ll receive a message in your email box. The message will include a link to download the electronic pattern file. When you click on the link, a download will be initiated, transferring the pattern file to your computer or device.

Please save the downloaded file on your computer where you can access it whenever you need to. You will be responsible for keeping this file safe, just as you would a printed pattern from a quilt shop, so saving it in a backed-up location is recommended. The download link will work three times, so please wait to use it until you are using the device to which you want to download the file. (For example, please don’t open the file multiple times on your phone before saving it on your computer.)

If you plan to print the pattern, printing in full color is strongly recommended. Printing in black and white may result in diagrams that are more difficult to read. Please print “at 100%” or with “no scaling”. (Patterns that include cutting guides or templates will include more information about this.)

I purchased a pattern but have not received a link to download it. What should I do?

Please start by checking your spam folder. Unfortunately, emails that include links are sometimes wrongly flagged by email servers and your missing email may be in the spam folder. If you are still unable to locate the download email, please email customer service at orders@ohfransson.com.

The download link isn’t working. Why?

It’s likely that one of the following scenarios is happening:

It may be that your system is not set up to automatically open downloaded files, dropping them instead into a Downloads folder. If your system is set up this way and you clicked on the link with the expectation that the file would automatically pop open, it may have seemed like the file didn’t download, even though it did. If you clicked on the link and it seems like nothing happened, please check your computer’s Downloads folder or do a system search for the name of the pattern. In most cases, the downloaded file can be located this way.

It may also be that your wifi connection is weak or intermittent. If this is the case, the file may not download completely. Clicking multiple times during the download process may also have the effect of interrupting it. If your system seems to be hung up during the download process, it may help to reset your modem/browser and wait for your wifi to reset.

Your system will also need to be running a current version of Adobe Reader. If you haven’t updated Reader recently, you can get the latest version free from Adobe’s site.

If you are still having trouble using the link, please email customer service at orders@ohfransson.com.

The download link worked at first, but doesn’t work any more.

Each download link will give you three opportunities to download the pattern. After three downloads, the link will stop working. If you have used all of the available download attempts (for instance on your phone) without downloading the pattern to a more permanent place, please email me at orders@ohfransson.com. If you have already viewed the pattern on the computer to which you intend to download the file, there’s a good chance that the previously-downloaded file can be found in your Downloads folder. (If you have viewed the file on a device, that means that it has been downloaded to that device.)

Why does the download link only work three times?

Unfortunately, this measure is necessary to prevent unauthorized sharing of the files. Please use the link to download the pattern file to your own system, where you will be responsible for storing it, and where you can then access it whenever you like. Please save a copy of the electronic pattern even if you also plan to print it out. That way, you will be able to replace a lost or damaged printout in the future.

I received an email from you, but the link takes me back to your shop. Where is the pattern?

That email is your payment receipt. (It links back to the shop so you can see what you have purchased.) You will receive a separate email with a link to download the pattern. If you have only received a receipt, please check your spam folder to make sure that the download email wasn’t misdirected there. If you still don’t see the download email, please reply to your receipt or contact me at orders@ohfransson.com including the full name and email address that you provided during checkout.

I ordered a pattern a long time ago and can’t find it. My computer crashed and I lost all my files. Can I get new copies?

My official policy is that lost links will be replaced for a period of 30 days following purchase. I’m usually much more flexible on that policy, but cannot replace patterns that have been discontinued or significantly revised since the time of purchase. If you email orders@ohfransson.com, customer service will be happy to look up your order and confirm whether or not your download links can be reactivated.

May I use your patterns to make items for sale?

No. My patterns may not be used to make items for sale in any venue or quantity. They are intended only for non-commercial use by home sewers.

Can I buy a pdf version of your Bjorn Bear or Dwight the Deer pattern?

These will be available as pdf downloads during the first half of 2019 and are currently available in print.

Are the prices in your shop in USD?